Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

Having the right insurance can make the difference in getting you back on the road quickly and efficiently if your car or truck is damaged in an accident.  If your vehicle is damaged or destroyed by an accident, theft, fire or other covered event you want to be sure you are protected.  Having a policy that covers car-related financial losses, medical and legal expenses due to injury, loss of life and/or property damage is important.

As an Independent Insurance Agency, First Brockland Insurance Agency will work with you to ensure you have the coverage you need at prices you can afford.

What Type and How Much Auto Insurance is Best for You?

Located in Burke County, NC, our experienced agents understand the auto insurance needs of our clients.

Auto insurance laws vary from State to State, here are some types of coverage you may be required to carry:

  • Liability Coverage (required) – pays for losses you cause others
  • MedPay  – pays medical bills and other expenses related to injuries suffered in a car accident, no matter who is at fault.  These are paid to providers of medical care for exact amounts only
  • Un-Insured/Under-Insured Coverage (required) – If you are in an accident and the driver at fault does not have any insurance or not enough insurance to cover the damages to you, your passengers, vehicle and/or personal property this type of coverage will pick up where their policy leaves off – up to your policy limits.

Other insurance options you may be required to carry, for example on financed cars and trucks:

Collision Insurance
Collision insurance covers damage to your vehicle in an accident.  Typical collision insurance will pay for repairs made to your car in a covered automobile accident.  This type of insurance also typically has a per-incident deductible; this is a set amount the insured would be responsible for paying at the time of the authorized repairs.  An average Collision Insurance Deductible is approximately $500.  The higher the deductible you have, the lower your collision insurance premiums will cost.

Comprehensive Insurance (Other the Collision)
Comprehensive insurance pays for damage done to your car other than an automobile collision.  Some examples of comprehensive coverage would be: damage caused by animals (i.e. deer, etc), hail damage, windshield damage, flood, hurricane, fire, theft and vandalism.  Comprehensive Insurance will usually have a per-incident deductible, and if you have a car financed through a bank or other institution you may be required to carry Comprehensive Insurance.

Additional Coverage Options

  • Extended Transportation Expense – pays some of the costs associated with obtaining a rental vehicle, so you are not without transportation during the repair process of your primary vehicle
  • Towing – covers the cost of transporting your vehicle, that has broken down or is damaged and/or disabled in an automobile accident, to the repair shop

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